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Quality and productivity

Your most valuable resources, focused
on meeting your goals.

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Get productivity without sacrificing quality

Your team of agents is your company's most valuable resource. The basis for happy customers is happy agents: if your team is motivated, it will show in the quality of interactions and customer satisfaction. Empower your omnichannel service solution with a native Workforce Management tool to efficiently manage your staff and optimize their work.

Work optimization

Find the perfect balance between productivity and efficiency, eliminating idle time but without overloading your team. Organize agents efficiently and get more resource availability and less waiting time. With inConcert, smooth demand curves and complement peaks with valleys of occupancy through the use of multiple channels and blending.

Help your agents serve better, in the same time, with features such as intelligent query distribution, transactional chatbots, virtual assistants, knowledge bases, canned responses, auto-responders and speech analytics. If you opt for a remote support team, you have all the tools for efficient and cost-effective telework management.

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All for one, one for all

Give your agents the support they need through flexible coaching tools. Before any doubt or problem, the agent can consult via a private chat with his supervisor at the very moment he is talking to the customer. In turn, supervisors can listen to calls, view chats and even visualize interactions with the agent's screen to provide suggestions and help them better resolve the interaction, without the customer noticing.

Quality management

Ensures service excellence and compliance with service standards through intelligent quality management tools. Schedule audits to detect problems and deviations from service policy compliance and assess that all your agents are aligned to standards of excellence at all points in the customer journey.

Quickly and cost-effectively analyze a large volume of interactions using artificial intelligence systems. Evaluate the quality level of each interaction, detect adherence to service policies and identify training and process improvement opportunities.

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Do you have any doubts
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