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Omnichannel Service

Happy customers. Every time, through
every channel.

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Optimize the experience of every contact

Your customers connect through the channels they prefer, when they need to. And your team must be on the other side to serve them. Whether it's chat, phone, email, social media or WhatsApp, unify the contact experience to make it seamless and organic. Eliminate friction throughout the customer journey, even when they choose different mediums along the way. Exceeds their expectations by quickly resolving their requirements, as if in a single interaction.

Case resolution technology

Having access to each contact's history allows you to give them much more personalized attention and resolve their query more efficiently. Imagine that a contact sends you an email with a question, then calls you and the agent knows his name and the reason for his call: the customer will feel cared for and avoids the hassle of having to repeat the query at each interaction.

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Truly omnichannel service

Combine the power of an omnichannel contact platform with a dynamic and simple case management solution. Transform the challenge of resolving an incident into the opportunity to maximize the lifecycle value of your customers. Centralize all interactions and open tickets from any contact channel.

Intelligent self-service

Empower your customers and make your business stakeholders happy with intelligent self-service strategies, integrated with your omnichannel service solution. Omnichannel chatbots and virtual assistants powered with natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition empower your customers, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And in turn, agents are freed up to focus on tasks of greater complexity and value.

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