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Efficient resolution

Dynamic, simple and omnichannel case management,
with a 360° view of your customer.

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Turn challenges into opportunities

The last thing your customers want are problems. If they do, they want solutions now. Whatever your business, inConcert provides a collaborative and multilingual ticket management environment, with easy scalability, access to knowledge bases and advanced features for fast and efficient resolution of complaints, incidents, procedures or queries. Integrate the help desk with a world of omnichannel care solutions to go beyond case management, implementing a global service management strategy that maximizes the value of your customers' lifecycle.

Technology to solve cases

Empower your agents and improve customer service by creating customized ticket management portals, integrated with knowledge bases, easily accessible from any device. Create and organize in one place all the content you may need to answer queries, and make it available to both agents and customers. inConcert connects the service platform with that information, and through artificial intelligence instantly finds the answers the agent needs.

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Intelligent automation

Solve more cases around the clock, every day, without the need to expand your team - put artificial intelligence to work for you! inConcert provides you with intelligent omnichannel chatbots, machine learning and interactive solutions with resolution capabilities to instantly help all your customers. In turn, reduce operational costs with cognitive self-management tools and process automation (e.g. automatic notifications when a ticket is closed), freeing your agents from repetitive tasks.

Efficient distribution

Configure your own rules for prioritizing, categorizing and distributing tickets to the agents best suited to resolve them, based on the type of case, customer profile, language used, and other factors. Automatically create and assign SLA policies and automate responses to respect all established processes for all interactions.

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Do you have any doubts
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