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More value in your customer relationship

Engage and retain your customers throughout their lifecycle.

Banner More value in your customer relationship

Maximize the life cycle of your customers

Taking care of your customer relationships is key to making your business profitable. When customers feel well taken care of, they are less price sensitive, buy more and choose you again, and even recommend you! Dynamize your service processes and monetize the relationship with your customers, from the newest ones to the loyal ones. inConcert provides you with tools so that you can give them an excellent service throughout their life cycle: from the first contact to the post-sale.

Optimize every touch point

To provide optimal care at every touch point, you need a contact technology focused on multi-channel customer experience, and an advanced case management platform. inConcert integrates these two operational components so you can serve your customer and their concerns from a single suite, in a simpler way.

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Take advantage of every opportunity

Give your customers the best experience, even before they become customers. inConcert allows you to nurture new leads immediately, sending data instantly to agents so they can follow up before they go cold. In addition, you'll be able to control the entire nurturing process and automate various actions, increasing agent productivity. And from the data you already have, create hyper-segmented audiences to generate new opportunities.

Build customer loyalty

Keeping a customer is less expensive than getting a new one. Extract the richness of your customer base by executing strategic actions according to their profile, in an automated way. Elevate their experience with notifications, content and self-service options to keep them coming back.

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