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Customer Experience

Turn customer service into an experience
that connects them forever with your brand.

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A pleasant journey

Ensure a pleasant customer journey, at all points of contact with your company. inConcert gives you contact tools specially designed to resolve cases on the first call, reduce waiting times, optimize the distribution of work and improve the quality of your operation. And when customers contact you through different channels -today by email, tomorrow by WhatsApp-, give them first-class attention, as if they were using a single channel.

Empower your customers with self-service

Improve the profitability of your operation based on accurate reports with data on agent performance, the level of incident resolution, the average time to close sales and much more. Should you increase your staff for the end-of-year harvest? Is it profitable to implement a chatbot to solve queries via Facebook and WhatsApp? What is the most frequent reason for complaints from your customers? inConcert helps you make strategic business decisions based on data, not just intuition.

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Respond instantly

No one likes waiting in line or having to call multiple offices to resolve a question. With inConcert, you can improve your FCR (First Call Resolution) rate thanks to intelligent call distribution, which you can easily configure by assigning queries to the agents best suited to resolve them based on their skills. In addition, implement IVR navigation with relevant information for customers, and impress those who dropped out by calling them back.

More prepared agents

Make sure your agents always have an answer! Help them attend better by standardizing the level of service and reducing training time. Use dynamic dialogue scripts that adapt to each situation to advance call resolution. Employ real-time monitoring and coaching tools for the most complex situations. Give them visibility into each customer's entire history for truly personalized attention.

All the knowledge on one screen

Integrate the call center with information systems, encompassing customer data - usually scattered across multiple applications - and knowledge bases on a single screen. Applies advanced technology that connects interactions with these databases through artificial intelligence, so that agents instantly have the answer they are looking for.

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Do you have any doubts
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