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Business Intelligence

Leverage every interaction to learn
more about how to drive your business forward.

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Analytics and Reporting

Every customer interaction is a data footprint that can be used strategically for much more than just resolving that particular interaction. Extract valuable information from each conversation in the form of reports that will give you a global view of who your customers are, how they behave, what motivates them to contact you and how satisfied they are with your services and products. Reveal business opportunities that are hidden in isolated interactions.

Data-driven decisions

Improve the profitability of your operation based on accurate reports with data on agent performance, the level of incident resolution, the average time to close sales and much more. Should you increase your staff for the end-of-year harvest? Is it profitable to apply a chatbot to solve queries via Facebook and WhatsApp? What is the most frequent reason for complaints from your customers? inConcert helps you make strategic business decisions based on data, not just intuition.

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Process and product optimization

Use artificial intelligence to detect nonconformities and solve failures before they arise. Get feedback from your customers and turn it into inputs for innovation and continuous improvement of your business. Know your agents' service levels and policy compliance to improve training processes and your team's performance.

Quality Management

Ensure service excellence and compliance with service standards through intelligent quality management tools. Schedule audits to detect problems and deviations from service policy compliance and assess that all your agents are aligned to standards of excellence at all points of the customer journey.

Quickly and cost-effectively analyze a large volume of interactions using artificial intelligence systems. Evaluate the quality level of each interaction, detect adherence to service policies and identify training and process improvement opportunities.

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